Canvas art with a twist

In September I was commissioned by a great company called Bite + Text100 to take some high quality photos of some canvas art. There are a lot of things to take into account when taking photos of art and if you need good photos you need to hire a professional, so I’m glad they called.
I got there and loved the art when I set eyes on it. Then they told me how it was created and it’s brilliant! Bite + Text100 were working on a new campaign for a company that makes couples sex toys. So what they did was send out canvas kits to five different couples. The couples covered themselves with paint and made sweet sweet art together. First they ‘did it’ without the use of the toys using only black and white paint. Then they changed it up, added a toy and went full colour.

I must say these toys have an impressive feature; If you’re away from your partner you can download the app and control the vibrators functions from anywhere in the world. This makes for much more interesting Skype conversations I bet.

Pop into their website and have a look for yourself

Bite  and Text100 are currently merging companies. Now located in North Sydney, they’re are a great bunch to work with.,



Couple 1, without We-Vibe

JW2_Text100 Canvas_shadow


Couple 1, with We-Vibe

JW1_Text100 Canvas_shadow


Couple 2, without We-Vibe

KG2_Text100 Canvas_shadow


Couple 2, with We-Vibe

KG1_Text100 Canvas_shadow


Couple 3, without We-Vibe

LM2_Text100 Canvas_shadow


Couple 3, with We-Vibe

LM1_Text100 Canvas_shadow


Couple 4, without We-Vibe

LU2_Text100 Canvas_shadow


Couple 4, with We-Vibe

LU1_Text100 Canvas_shadow


Couple 5, without We-Vibe

VK2_Text100 Canvas_shadow


Couple 5, with We-Vibe

VK1_Text100 Canvas_shadow