Blog (Beta)

I thought I might try having a crack at a blog because there’s a lot of things that happen at jobs that should be explained, shared or shown that I can’t normally share or show anywhere else.

There may also be a few things that just don’t fit in anywhere else :).




Catherine shredding.

A couple of weeks ago I took some photos of Catherine with my trusty Fujifilm XP-170 camera in the surf at Many.View full post »

Melissa’s 21st birthday

These are photos from Melissa’s amazing 21st birthday party on the 6th of September 2014 at La Mirage FunctionView full post »

Canvas art with a twist

In September I was commissioned by a great company called Bite + Text100 to take some high quality photos of someView full post »

Winner winner chicken dinner

On Friday afternoon and night I was contracted to take some photos of some competition winners that won a Friday arvoView full post »

More Flathead. Flatheadererer.

In July I got the opportunity to shoot my friend Björn’s 1942 WLC (Flathead) Harley Davidson in Sweden.View full post »


What happens when you mix a professional spray painter/panel beater/mechanic/Harley Davidson enthusiast, a professionalView full post »

Light when there is none

This is my first blog post, and I thought I’d kick it off by showing you how I took this photo. (If you want toView full post »